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Scores Choral Singing 3 Equal Voices

Éditions À Cœur Joie
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partition chant chorale arrangement 2 voix

Discover all our musical works for 3 equal voices choirs ...

Éditions À Cœur Joie accompany you to choose among our choral musics written or arranged for 3 voices : Ancient Music, Renaissance, Classical, Contemporary, Pop, Jazz etc. We offer a wide repertoire of music for 3 equal voices available for sale online Our scores are immediately dispached thanks to our Print-on-Demand process and a quick daily dispatch !

Our sheet music and scores are selected by our committee, and carefully engraved and revised. They can suit women and children choirs and ensembles.

Moreover, we publish newworks all year long to offer a renewed repertoire for your classroom, musical activity, choir or vocal ensemble. For more advice on your choice of 3 equal voices musics, just contact the choir music specialists.

Are you looking for 2 equal voices musics or 4 (and more) equal voices musics? Our catalogue is at your disposal, don't hesitate to contact us, we will be really pleased to advise :

2 canzonettes - Monteverdi

Come and discover Two Canzonettes by Claudio...
3.40 EUR
9 hymnes pour l'abbaye de Chambarand

César Geoffray’s daughter Gilka left “Neuf...
20.30 EUR
Accès des quais
First prize in the composition contest at the IXè...
3.40 EUR
Adieu, plaisant pays de France
It is a score for professional choir but also for...
2.15 EUR
“Ahuna” is a South African joyful song. It is the...
2.15 EUR
Allez savoir pourquoi
A mixed voice version with piano accompaniment...
3.40 EUR
Allons danser/ La coccinelle
Allons danser (Guy Plettener/ Thérèse Loup)
2.15 EUR