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Trois poèmes d'Éluard

Trois poèmes d'Éluard

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This cycle is suited for equal voices ensembles of small or middle size. It can also be sung by youth choirs. The music is transcribing the athmosphere released by Eluard’s Poems. The poetic level is central for the choice of musical colors and general feelings of these three pieces of music.
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Score for Equal Voice Choirs « Trois poèmes d'Éluard »


This cycle harmonized by Iris Thion-Poncet is suitable for small to medium sized ensembles with equal voices. It can also be sung by youth choirs of good level.
The writing seeks to transcribe the atmospheres of Paul Éluard's poems.
The poetic dimension is at the heart of the choice of colours and the general atmosphere of these three small pieces.

About Iris Thion-Poncet:

In the course of her musical studies, which she began with piano and choral singing, Iris Thion developed a passion for choral conducting and graduated from the Maîtrise de Radio France. She has also sung at the Madrigal de Paris conducted by Pierre Calmelet, as well as at the Madrigal de Lille.
She is interested in composition and has written a musical tale for three soloists, two children's choirs and a string quartet, as well as highly original multidisciplinary works (to be published Le Véritable Jour sur des poèmes de Pablo Urquiza)..
She also participated with Sergio Arriagada in the creation of the magnificent collections of South American traditional songs, Los Calchakis en Choeur and Destino Patagonia(published by Editions À Coeur Joie)
She has conducted numerous choirs for a variety of audiences (children, fragile audiences, amateurs, semi-professionals). She is regularly called upon for various projects as a choir conductor (workshops, courses, concerts, collaborations...)
His musical tales: "La légende du roi Arthur" and "Le tour du monde en 80 jours", an opera and musical comedy for children's choir are published by Editions À Coeur Joie.

Content :
  • Un oiseau s'envole
  • La courbe de tes yeux
  • L’amoureuse