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Du rythme à la parole

Du rythme à la parole

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Collection of original compositions by Mirtha Pozzi perfect to discover her unique universe of spoken rhythme.
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Thirteen originales compositions by Mirtha Pozzi for a cappella choir in spoken rhythm.

Discover those works, refreshing as well for the choir as the audience.

Collection of original works in "spoken-rhythm" for a cappella choir, from 2 to 5 voices.

The universe explored by Mirtha Pozzi is singular. It is renewed with each score by its sources of inspiration and yet creates a kind of coherent path, like no other. This collection will provide an overview of the different elements that make up her own writing. The most obvious signature would be that of 'spoken-rhythm'. Examination of these two words in their traditional order of appearance highlights the fact that the voice is not sung, in the sense that it uses precise pitches based on harmony, it is spoken.

Contents :

  • En ce temps-là (2 voices)
  • Ponc-tuations (2 voices)
  • L'outil luipi (2 voices)
  • Tryptique Autrement dit (3 voices)
  • Ornitek (3 voices)
  • Tryptique émancipation des mots (3 voices)
  • Péri-péties (4 voices)
  • Ophis-serpens-Ophis (4 voices)
  • Tioua-Ouiaé (number of singers free but polyrythmic requires at least 5 singers to get all rythms)

A few examples of performances :