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La princesse et le crapaud

La princesse et le crapaud

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Choir Musical for kids from 4-5 years old, 1 voice and piano
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Musical The Princess and the Toad, beautifully set to music by Nicole Berne


After Grimm's tale.
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who lived happily with her father in a large palace. She had everything she wanted. Her favorite toy was a golden ball. She carried it everywhere, throwing it and catching it all the time.
One day, while walking, she came to an old well. She sat on the curbstone, playing with her ball. Suddenly, the golden ball slipped out of her hand and fall in the well...

About this work:

A one-act musical  (15 to 20 minutes maximum) written for children choir in unison, reciter and piano inspired by the traditional tale.
As in Nicole BERNE's other musicals, the songs are short and well written, with repetitions to facilitate learning and memorization. An enchantment for the little ones, who will also be able to invest themselves in a staging.
  • Ma balle
  • Croâ ! Croâ !
  • La promesse
  • La balle retrouvée
  • Mon père, je lui avais promis
  • Les souhaits du crapaud
  • Les explications du prince
  • Mon amie, ma bien-aimée (Final)

Soon available! reissue of the original CD with playbacks and narration :
  • Example of narration (opening of the musical) :
  • Example of playback (Ma balle) :