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Philémon et le petit martien

Philémon et le petit martien

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One night, Philémon is awakened by a strange noise. He wants to see what happened and discovers a small alien. He is lost and wants to go back to his planet. Philémon, the doll and the teddybear build a space rocket, and the small alien can go back home.
Accompanying CD available (sold separately)
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Come and dream with Philemon and the little Martian, a musical tale by Nicole Berne. 


Discover without delay this original musical tale by Nicole Berne for children's choir with piano accompaniment.Philemon is awakened in the middle of the night by an unusual noise. Curious, he decides to go and see what's going on, and discovers a small alien.
This one is lost and would like to return to his planet.
With the help of the doll and the teddy bear, Philemon is going to build a rocket for the little Martian who will be able to go back home.

Nicole Berne proposes:

An original musical tale for children's choir, with piano accompaniment.
Accompanying CD available (sold separately)

  • Quel est donc ce bruit ?
  • La chanson du petit martien
  • Chanson de la poupée
  • Chanson de Philémon
  • La construction de la fusée
  • Merci !
  • Berceuse de Philémon
  • Final : tout ceci n'était qu'un rêve