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Jack et le haricot magique

Jack et le haricot magique

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Nicole Berne mostly writes for children and school teachers. She wrote this beautiful story where the poor became rich, the ogre does not eat any child but plays the magical harp, the goose lays golden eggs and obviously there is a happy ending.
Accompaniment CD available (sold separately)

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Discover Jack and the Magic Bean, Nicole Berne's eighth musical tale based on the famous English tale!


Once upon a time there was a poor peasant woman who lived miserably with her son Jack. They only had one cow, Blanchette, but she was old and didn't give milk anymore.
One day when there was nothing to eat, the mother told her son to go sell the cow at the market...
Accompaniment CD available (sold separately)

Nicole Berne proposes :

A lovely musical tale for children's choir, in unison, reciter and piano.
As the other tales set to music by Nicole BERNE, Jack and the Magic Bean is aimed at children aged 4 to 8.
Loyal to her audience of young children and teachers, Nicole BERNE shares this beautiful story with us:
Misery turns into wealth, the ogre doesn't eat children, but he is there (he plays the magic harp), the goose lays golden eggs, and everything ends well, inevitably ...


  • Il faut vendre notre vache
  • Ces graines magiques
  • Mon enfant, qu’as-tu fait ?
  • Ces graines magiques (repeats)
  • Qui es-tu ?
  • Ça sent la chair fraîche
  • Finie la misère !
  • Te revoilà, gredin !
  • Ça sent la chair fraîche (repeats)
  • Finie la misère ! (repeats)
  • Ça sent la chair fraîche (2nd repeats)
  • Belle harpe d’or
  • Te revoilà, gredin ! (repeats)
  • Finie la misère ! Final