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Les musiciens de la ville de Brême

Les musiciens de la ville de Brême

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Musical for kids choir from 5 years old and piano
10.40 EUR

A musical tale by Nicole Berne « Les musiciens de la ville de Brême »


Four animals, who have become too old and threatened by their respective masters, go to the city of Bremen to become musicians.
As the road is long, they stop for the night and discover a house inhabited by robbers. They manage to chase them away and settle in the house, where they will stay until the end of their days, giving up their plans to go to Bremen.

This beautiful musical tale is suitable for children's choirs from 4 to 8 years old:

It can be performed in a concert version, or in a theatrical version with child actors or puppets.
The piano accompaniment can be played live or recorded beforehand, each song being preceded by a short instrumental introduction .
The accompanying CD (sold separately) is a wonderful interpretation with an original orchestration by Chloé PFEIFFER, by the children's choir Eclats de Toulouse, directed by François TERRIEUX.

  • La chanson de l'âne
  • La chanson du chien
  • Nous deviendrons musiciens
  • La chanson du chat
  • Nous deviendrons musiciens
  • La chanson du coq
  • Nous deviendrons musiciens
  • Je n'en peux plus
  • La chanson des brigands
  • L'attaque de la maison
  • Le retour des brigands
  • Le récit du brigand
  • Final