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Le chat botté

Le chat botté

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This is a musical tale for children based on a Charles Perrault’s fairytale, intended to be sung in unison with a narrator and a piano accompaniment.
“Once upon a time there was a miller who had three sons. When he passed away, the eldest inherited the mill, the younger inherited the donkey and the youngest only inherited the cat.” This is the beginning of this famous Charles Perrault’s fairytale which inspired Nicole Bern to write texts and melodies staging this tale for little ones. Songs are short and beautifully written. Some sentences are sung several times to make the learning and memorizing easier. You can also add some gestures.

(Translated from French)

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Come and sing the musical tale Le Chat Botté, superbly set to music by Nicole Berne :


The Master Cat or the Booted Cat is a tale of Franco-Italian origin whose most famous version written at the end of the 17th century is by Charles Perrault.
Once upon a time there was an old miller who had three sons. When he died, the eldest son inherited the mill, the youngest son the donkey, and the youngest son only had the cat...

Nicole Berne proposes :

A musical tale in one written act; for children's choir in unison, reciter and piano according to the well-known traditional tale.
The songs are short and well written, with covers to facilitate learning and memorization. An enchantment for the little ones, who can also be involved in the staging.

Content :
  • Complainte du jeune meunier
  • Donnez-moi un sac...
  • Le premier cadeau du Marquis au Roi
  • Le deuxième cadeau du Marquis
  • Au secours !
  • L’appel aux gardes
  • Barcarolle des amoureux
  • Les menaces du chat
  • Les richesses du Marquis
  • Rencontre de l’Ogre et du chat botté
  • Le château du Marquis
  • Final