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Oser ... l'opéra

Oser ... l'opéra

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This is a collection of the most beautiful opera choirs. They were arranged for three mixed voices and piano accompaniment. The selected works enhance Romantic artists like Georges Bizet, Giacomo Puccini, Ambroise Thomas, Guiseppe Verdi, and Richard Wagner, but also languages diversity; there is German, English, French, and Italian. The piano accompaniment is perfect to reproduce the harmonic fulfillment produced by Romantic songs. The piano accompaniment supports the voices for some sections without making them more difficult.

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Come and discover Oser ... L'Opéra, 10 pieces based on the most famous harmonized operas for mixed choir by Anne Aubert:

The publication of the third volume of the "Oser..." series contributes to the enrichment of the choral repertoire for 3 mixed voices.
Its objective is simple, to bring within the reach of all choirs some of the great masterpieces of the Opera repertoire.
The selection made, in a panorama that stretches from Mozart to Britten, naturally gives pride of place to the Romantic period (Bizet, Puccini, Thomas, Verdi, Wagner) and to the diversity of languages (German, English, French, Italian).
The choice to add the piano was a natural choice to make up for the absence of the orchestra by allowing the harmonic fullness of the Romantic works in particular to be restored. It also makes it possible to support the voices in the more delicate passages without complicating the vocal parts.

The most beautiful opera choirs, harmonized for mixed three-voice choir and piano. Opera for everyone!

Content :
  • Bei männer, duo Pamina/Papageno - La flûte enchantée (W.A. MOZART)
  • Das Klinget so herrlich - La flûte enchantée (W.A. MOZART)
  • Choeur des cigarières - Carmen (G. BIZET)
  • Choeur des contrebandiers - Carmen (G. BIZET)
  • Choeur à bouche fermée - Madame Butterfly (G. PUCCINI)
  • Au souffle léger du vent - Mignon (A. THOMAS)
  • Choeur des esclaves hébreux - Nabucco ( G. VERDI)
  • Choeur des pèlerins - Tannhäuser (R. WAGNER)
  • Choeur final - L’enfant et les sortileges (M. RAVEL)
  • Concord - Glorian ( B. BRITTEN)