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2-parts mixed or equal voices - rhythmic speech - Mirtha Pozzi
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Music and text originals by Mirtha Pozzi for 2 parts choir, mixed or equal, a cappella in "Spoken-rhythm"

A work by Mirtha POZZI that uses an invented language (as in ‘TIOUA-OUÏAÉ’) but with French phrases as its starting point.

The aim is to ‘disguise’ the French language... She uses a method of expression known as ‘jeringozo’, a kind of Spanish and Latin American jargon applied to French. It's a way of playing ‘hide and seek’ with words, twisting and distorting them, producing a playful variation on the spoken language. The texts tell us about the birth of speech, the brain of the anthropians and their successors the Neanderthals, our fellow creatures... They are inspired by the writings of André Leroi-Gourhan - a French historian and ethnologist - on prehistoric man, his artistic sense, the birth of tools...

The general tone of the piece is cheerful, danceable and light.

Voici une version un peu différente, arrangée pour voix et percussions (attention, cette partition est écrite pour voix seules, sans percussions) mais qui permet néanmoins de découvrir la pièce :