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Music for 2 mixed voices or equal voices - rhythmic speech - imaginary language
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This sheet music is intended for mixed voices or equal voices. It’s meant to be performed with rhythmic speech.
This is a piece by Mirtha Pozzi. She wrote it in an invented language (as it was in “Tioua-Ouaïaé”) starting by French sentences. The objective is to disguise French.
She used “jeringozo.” This is a Spanish and Latin-American language mixed with French. In this way, you can play hide-and-seek with words, twist it, deform it, and then create a playful alternative to the spoken language.
Texts deal with birth of speaking and how anthropogenic brains are. They are based on texts written by the French historian and ethnologist André Leroi-Gourhan. He wrote about prehistoric men, their artistic sense, tool creation, etc. The general atmosphere of the piece is joyful, dancing and light.