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Triptyque Autrement Dit

Triptyque Autrement Dit

(Code: A112800012)
3 voices spoken-rythmic piece for mixed or equal choir
8.45 EUR
For 3 mixed or equal voices, spoken-rhythm style.

Mirtha Pozzi delivers a fascinating Triptych in spoken rhythm.
In this new composition in three parts - " Soit dit ", " Autrement dit " and " Cela dit " - she explores the ternary universe, that is to say the division of time into three equal parts (unlike the ternary in jazz). The cyclical, "turning" character of the ternary, differentiates this piece from other of her compositions, which consist of binary rhythms. She uses here, as always, the rhythm to "color", " set in motion " or " let dance " the words...
The vocal material tells us about language, about speech. It is composed of a variety of " linguistic tools ": interjections, adverbs, idioms, verbal forms expressing " actions exercised by the speech ", noises, onomatopoeias... and a few words in Spanish. They meet, organize and produce assemblages, alliances and associations. They were chosen for their sonorities, their evocative power or to provoke the unexpected...
These texts of Mirtha Pozzi sound as an echo to the contemporary poetry in which she finds "twin souls", in particular Jean Tardieu and certain Lettrist poets.


  • Soit dit
  • Autrement dit
  • Cela dit

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