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(Code: A110410043)
For 3 mixed or equal voices in rhythmic speech - no lyrics but birds sounds
4.75 EUR

For mixed or equal voices. Work in spoken-rhythm.

The sounds of bird songs have not only attracted the attention of ornithologists... The richness and diversity of these sounds became an essential material for Mirtha Pozzi, attracted by "the powerful seduction of onomatopoeia" - as Orlando de Rudder talks about in his book Ces mots qui font du bruit! ("Those words that make noise")

In this composition, she makes the choral ensemble sing in "rhythmic speech" with a range of onomatopoeia drawn from the infinite "repertoire" of birds. It is not a matter of imitating them, or offering a " survey " of their songs. Mirtha Pozzi suggests a game of highly colored tones, sometimes using combinations of unusual vowels or "vibrating" consonants, redoubling, rising and falling glissandos, to build dialogues, exchanges or unisons between the groups.
The insertion of two improvised parts is planned but remains optional. Their place and content are precisely indicated. Singers who practice improvisation will find it very convenient to create new combinations of onomatopoeia from those used in the piece.

The vocal ensemble is invited to create lively, energetic, vibrant and cheerful music.