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Ophis - serpens - ophis

Ophis - serpens - ophis

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Ophis-Serpens-Ophis, a spoken-rhythm piece by Mirtha Pozzi for four-part vocal ensemble.
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Ophis-Serpens-Ophis, a spoken-rhythm piece by Mirtha Pozzi for four-part vocal ensemble:

The snake is a symbolic animal rich in contradictory interpretations. Many civilizations have the snake as a representation of creative beings.
For the peoples of America, among others, the snake is linked to the idea of life and fertility. The snake is therefore not always an object of repulsion; on the contrary, it sometimes embodies multiple positive values.
We were able to appreciate Mirtha Pozzi's attraction to this theme in her show and her record La Serpiente Inmortal and other pre-Columbian myths, which included texts taken from the Popol Vuh, the sacred book of the Maya, and Eduardo Galeano's Mémoire du feu, inspired by the myths of the American Indians about the creation of the world.
With Ophis-Serpens-Ophis, Mirtha Pozzi presents a new polyrhythmic piece based on her poem Ophis, in which she approaches the theme of the snake with humour and fantasy.
Onomatopoeia, sometimes imitating percussion instruments, energise and contribute to the creation of powerful, driving sound masses.
One of the parts of the piece, Ophis-Serpens-Ophis, presents a series of very colourful and imaginative snake names. Most of them are vernacular - common, indigenous, customary or obsolete names or local languages. Most are pronounced in Spanish, as they correspond to species native to South and Central America.

For four-part mixed choir (SATB)

Duration : ca. 4'00''.