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La lune a disparu- Flûte

La lune a disparu- Flûte

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Oh my god the moon is missing! The friend Pierrot does not know what to do, stars are here but there is no moon! The animals are lost. The astronaut achieves to get it back despite the witch Karamba and her evil tricks. Happy end.
This time, Nicole Bern is both the writer and the composer. The atmosphere of poetry is highlighted by the transverse flute ad libitum accompaniment associated with the piano. This musical tale is intended for 6-to-9-year old children of elementary schools, of first years of musical training and conservatories.
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Come and sing the original musical tale The Moon has Disappeared! written and set to music by Nicole Berne :


Catastrophe! The moon is gone!
Friend Pierrot is desperate, the stars are there, but no more moon! The animals are confused.
Despite the witch Karamba and her infernal recipes, the astronomer will succeed in saving all these beautiful people.
All's well that ends well.
All's well that ends well.
The piano accompaniment is accompanied by the flute (ad libitum), which gives the ensemble a nice touch of poetry.
This musical tale is intended for children in primary schools and the 1st cycle of music schools and conservatories (6-9 years).
Accompaniment CD available (sold separately)

About this tale :

The pedagogical use of this musical tale offers multiple possibilities.
As with Nicole BERNE's other works, directing or illustrating a show with puppets can be of additional interest.
Children can also dance to numbers 3 and 4 (La ronde des étoiles and the beautiful celestial star), as the music lends itself well to choreography.
These elements contribute to making this musical tale lively and participatory, with additional pedagogical interest.
The flute part (Ad libitum) and the piano part, quite simple, were designed to be played by students.

Content :
  • Lune, belle lune
  • Recette de la sorcière
  • La ronde des étoiles
  • Bel astre céleste
  • Le savant fou
  • Au clair de la lune