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Mirtha POZZI - A cappella 4 parts choir in spoken-rhythm - equal or mixed voices. 6 pages, duration circa 4 minutes.
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Péri-Péties, work of Mirtha Pozzi (Texts and music ), in spoken-rhythm, a cappella, for 4 voices, equal or mixed.

The letters are the characters of this "story". They have been highlighted, outside of their common use, in a kind of mosaic of invented onomatopoeia... An incursion into the musicality of the language? A sound adventure to get words out of everyday life? An experience filled with sensations in the emission of unusual sounds? This joyful piece, based on Mirtha Pozzi's sound poem O OU ÉOU, invites us to savor the sounds of vowels and double consonants, taken from words in the French language but which have been chopped up, combined, associated... The rhythms, simple and basic, allow us to pronounce repeated consonants that, within a word, are commonly ignored and sound like single consonants.The four voices sing a spoken-rhythmic polyrhythm, creating a cheerful and unexpected music that surprises the audience.

Work for a cappella choir in spoken-rhythm, for 4 voices, equal or mixed. :

Performing time : approx 4 minutes