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En ce temps-là ...
  • En ce temps-là ...
  • En ce temps-là ...

En ce temps-là ...

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This spoken-singing sheet music is for 2 mixed or equal voices choir.
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This spoken-singing sheet music is for mixed or equal voices.We have so much to learn from texts coming from pre-Columbian Indian Americans; their symbols and their words are poetry. Myths help us to get closer to the early humans confronted to life mysteries and searching for answers. "Les couleurs” was written by the Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galéano. He was inspired by a text written by the surrealist poet Benjamin Péret who was himself inspired by a Kadiweu myth. Singers of "En ce temps-là” should perform the story with "colored” rhythmic words. How white birds became so colorful? That’s the question the story answers to. Mirtha Pozzi is passionate about pre-Columbian myths and already set to music texts written by Eduardo Galeano or coming from Popol Vuh in the show "La Serpiente immortal et autres mythes précolombiens,” which CD was released by Buda Musique.